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One-on-One Coaching

Health and wellbeing is more than the food you eat and the exercise you get. These are  of course vitally important factors but they are not the whole picture. Optimal wellbeing is about feeling at peace with yourself, being intellectually stimulated, having a sense of purpose, meaningful relationships and financial stability.  Living in the digital age we have become disconnected from ourselves and from each other. Depression, anxiety, fear and loneliness abound as we scramble through our day in overwhelm and disconnect. 

Join Master Coach Emilie Vandarwarka for a transformational coaching session that incorporates :




  *energy work


Chose the coaching pathway that is right for you and journey through the 7 Dimensions of Wellbeing in these one-on-one coaching sessions with Emilie  either in person or worldwide via Skype. 



In Person Coaching

Through personalized, hands-on exercise routines, nutrition plans, targetted meditation and energy work, Emilie will help you live the life you were meant to live!

This holistic coaching approach works through all 7 Dimensions of Wellbeing to examine and challenge beliefs, daily habits, intentions, strengths, values, gaps, opportunities, goals and roadblocks, to create a picture of (and a map to) the life that is waiting for you.

Getting started is easy! 

1. Click below to being

2. You'll be directed to chose in-person or remote coaching

3. Fill our our assement so that Emilie can create your personalized coaching plan!



Remote via Skype or Phone

With your personalized plan in place, Emilie will meet with you via Skype or over the phone while guiding you through strategies to meet your goals, be your best self and take on the world (or maybe just your household.)

You will receive the same tailored fitness, nutrition, meditation and energy plans as the in-person coaching program with the convenience of never needing to leave your home!

Join Us Live


5/1/2019 Overcoming Overwhelm Workshop Snohomish, WA

Join Emilie for a  transformational workshop chalk-full of powerful strategies for overcoming (and avoiding) overwhelm. We will cover all 7 Dimensions of Wellbeing to help you live the life you're meant to live! Inclues an hour long movement/fitness instruction with meditation so be sure to dress comfortably. This workout will be appropriate for ALL ages, levels and abilities. 

Space is limited, sign up now!

Message Emilie at for more information.

9am-2:30pm with lunch served from 12-12:30 

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1/10/19 No More Chaos Workshop Spokane, WA

Join Emily Vandarwarka for a super fun workout with Core Four Collective owner Janelle Brennan, followed by a  transformational workshop to implement strategies for overcoming and avoiding overwhelm. Limited space available grab your ticket to reserve your spot. See you there!

9:00-9:45am  Strength + Sculpt Class 

10:00am-12:30pm Workshop 

12:30-1:00pm Light appetizers and social time (totally optional but lots of fun!)

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Who We Are

Emilie Vandarwarka


 First and foremost I am mom to two incredible boys and married to my soulmate. 

My career as an integrative health strategist has spanned 15 years of dynamic experiences. I have owned and operated my own boutique fitness studios and consulted with up and coming new studio owners to help them build successful businesses. 

Additionally, I have coached top executives and teams at some of the most well-known organizations in fitness, nutrition, self-awareness, life-crafting and digital mindfulness. I'm a voracious reader, and I am constantly curious to develop and grow as a human being.  I have a B.S. in Exercise Science and Health and Human Performance from the University of Montana. Go Griz!  

Evan Vandarwarka


 Step-dad to two amazing boys, world traveler, and music enthusiast (we have a kareoke room in our house!)

I have twenty years experience coaching and consulting on integrating empathy and self-awareness with best practices in business development. I have worked with leaders and companies across the country from startups to large corporations (most recently Google and T-Mobile), delivering bottom line growth while achieving  greater productivity and happiness for themselves and employees.

I hold a M.A. in Psychology & Organizational Development from Antioch University,  and certificates in Change Management and Integral Leadership from Pacific Integral. 

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