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Thanks for being curious about Evanly and how we can work together to build healthy happy communities!

We believe that health and wellbeing is about so much more than the food you eat and the exercise you get. Those are  of course vitally important factors but they are not the whole picture. Optimal wellbeing is about having a community of people to support you when life is tough and to celebrate with when it's great. 

Living in the digital age we have become disconnected from ourselves and from each other. Depression, anxiety, fear and loneliness abound as we scramble through our day in overwhelm and disconnect. 

This is where YOUR STUDIO comes in. 

YOU are the place your clients and community members can find peace, connection and wellbeing. 

YOU have given them a space to simply 'be'. We think that deserves a big huge 'YAY!'

We want to support YOU and YOUR efforts to grow, support, engage and connect with your community of clients. 



We are passing along our most powerful tools for building healthy, happy, connected communities!

Utilizing the 7 Dimensions of Wellbeing, we have created a workshop series to drive connection, engagement, happiness and wellbeing in your studio! 


*Overcoming & Avoiding Overwhelm

*Tech-life Balance & Digital Detoxing

*Life-Crafting - Building the life you are meant to live

*Finding Your Flow - Accessing Optimal Human Potential

*Declutter Your Life : Why (and How) Less Is Better 

*Purpose, Alignment & Expanding into Love

...and many more!

By siging up for the Studio Workshop Series, you'll recieve the following each month:

*Facilitator Guide

*Downloadable/Printable Participant Guide 

*Access to our live monthly webinar - everything you need to know to host a killer workshop

*Tips, tricks and support from our Workshop Team to:

-Promote your workshop each month

-Maximize sign-ups

-Learn what to charge your clients for the workshops

-Keep the vibe going all month long


*Cool swag - because who doesn't love free stuff!?

Because of the high demand and the level of support we provide to studio owners,  we have limited spaces available. Please contact us to learn more. We look forward to connecting with you and your studio community.

Thanks & Be Well!


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